We at SMART CONSULTANTS have over 15 years of experience in the real estate sector. We welcome every new challenge. Our mission is to offer a full range of services aimed at the successful implementation of a project. Simply put, to realize an idea from the drawing board to a modern functional building, meeting all requirements of even the most demanding customers.

About Bulgaria

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About the brand

SMART CONSULTANTS is a brand that concentrates our long experience in: Feasibility studies, design, construction and sale of residential, commercial and office space; Maintenance and management of residential buildings and complexes, retail outlets, office space, hotel complexes.

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Our range of services

  • Planning and Construction

    Opening of the construction site, crediting the order book; Making the daily monitoring by highly qualified specialists to comply with the approved design documentation and quality of activities; Tracing the steps in individual instances, in coordination with the requirements of the investor; Controlling the amount of work done, time and financial parameters of the site; Overall control over the stages of construction in order to timely receipt of necessary permits related to construction and commissioning of the sites and adjoining areas

  • Sales

    With special emphasis on sales and marketing, developing depth and two levels - national and international. Our team includes experienced specialists in all areas related to the commercialization of objects: from marketing research online sales and e-marketing sales to end customers sales for investment purposes, collaboration with partner agencies, CRM and loyalty marketing, development and control of media plans, graphic design, promotional materials

  • Management and Maintenance

    Our team has years of foreign and national experience in the management and maintenance of different types of projects - from residential and office buildings to shopping malls and hotel complexes. The quality of services offered is backed up by numerous awards. We structure our objectives and customer relationships in a way that ensures that the contribution of the parties will maximize the return on investment - in the short and long term. This can be achieved in many ways, some of which most companies for property management do not offer.

  • We work for you

    Due to the desire for greater representation, our customers expect and require a wide range of services to ensure the quality of the product offered. In SMART CONSULTANTS, we have the potential to offer different versions of an overall strategy or solution to a specific problem.